Amazing Video

By Alyce Collins


If you have motion sickness, look away fast because this snowboarder recorded himself going down the slopes from his helmet to see what it really looked like.

Sascha Mortl from Villach, Austria, filmed himself snowboarding down the slopes of Carinthia in southern Austria.

Sascha, 30, records almost all of his snowboarding experiences with a GoPro attached to his helmet.

Recording with the GoPro allows Sascha to view it from a different perspective and he can watch it back in the future.

“This video was recorded on a glacier in the south of Austria,” said Sascha.

“It‘s always fun to see your run afterwards from a different perspective, sometimes it looks better than expected and sometimes worse.

“You can save your adventures to look at them in the future and you will always have a smile on your face when you see a nice run from the past.”