Animals Video

By Neo Bye

This adorable puppy has found a peculiar way of clambering into her owner’s lap for a snuggle – by using her HEAD to pull herself up.

Natalie Odachowski noticed this quirky characteristic of her new Australian blue heeler pup, Octavia and recorded it at home in New York on January 23.

The excitable pooch wanted nothing more than to jump onto Natalie but didn’t quite have the propulsion to leap that high.

Natalie offered out a hand and Octavia manages to jump, wedge her head and then push against her hand to clamber her way onto Natalie.

Natalie said: “She just started doing that one day.

“It’s her way of getting up into the bed or to climb into our laps!

“We didn’t exactly teach this, she’s just very good a problem solving!”