Life Video Viral

By Neo Bye & Randal Coombs


This dad gets his son to stop crying by recording his own cries and playing them back to him.

Warehouse worker Lonti Carter, 26, from St Louis, Missouri, had seen other people trying to stop their children crying by imitating them, but he decided to go one better.

When his six-week-old son Demoni was crying, Lonti recorded his screams and played them back on his phone.

As Demoni heard the recording, he soon stopped crying and instead listened carefully.

Lonti was pleased that it worked and although he doesn’t use his new trick too often, he’s relied on it a few times since.

Lonti said: “I figured I should try recording him and letting him hear his own cry.

“This was the first time trying this because I’d seen videos of people mocking their kids with their own mouths.

“It works every time for me, but I don’t use it often.”