Amazing Animals Video

By Dilantha Dissanayake


A brave diver has risked life and limb after he got up close and personal with a man-eating crocodile.

Photographer Damir Zurub got dangerously close to the prickly creature in the waters of Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico.

In one shot, the brave diver can be seen swimming just inches below the crocodile as it glides stealthily just below the water line.

Damir, 43, from Zagreb, Croatia, said: “It is always a good experience for me to have close encounters with animals, especially if those animals are predators.

“At that location, we took some of the photos of the Mares gear, and the crocodile honoured us with his unplanned presence, so we took the opportunity and took some photos with him.

“I really like wide angle photography and I show all my work through it the most, because in this way I can best represent certain situations and environments in which I dive.”