Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


These young alpacas are were left absolutely baffled by a toy alpaca which they just can’t seem to work out.

Anja van der Wagt, 56, is an alpaca breeder in Bollaarsdijk, Holland, where he is helped on the farm by his 19-year-old daughter, Vera.

Vera decided to put a woollen alpaca toy in front of the alpacas to test out their reactions.

A few of the alpacas were baffled by the strange addition to the farm, and while some attempted to get close to it, others couldn’t bring themselves to.

Vera found their reactions funny because although the farm homes 47 alpacas, they each dealt with the toy differently and showed their individual personalities.

“Alpacas are very curious animals and in the video they sniff at the giant alpaca toy to test whether it is real or not,” Vera said.

“The first brown alpaca on the right is Janice, and the second alpaca on the left is Sundance. The white alpaca who is scared is Vajenna.

“Janice and Sundance are super brave and adventurous and Vajenna is a little scared.

“I think their reaction is very funny because they are all so different and really describe their character.”