Animals Video

By Randal Coombs and Federico Cornetto

This feisty feline showcases its incredible skill to hang and climb on a ceiling beam.

Todd McAnulty captured the moment that Spider-Kitty, aka Lewis, grabbed hold of a partition and began hanging at home in Marshalltown, Iowa.
Lewis used his two front legs to claw and dangle from the beam, then uses his momentum to swing.

He was even able to manoeuvre his way to face the opposite direct by re-arranging his hold in an unparalleled display of cat parkour.

Todd said: “Lewis is our wild child and loves to climb the walls and dangle from anything he is able to climb up and this is a daily occurrence.

“Once he gets up and scales across he will either get back down on the ledge or fall to the ground, he never gets hurts as he times his landings pretty well.

“We think he does this not only for fun but to also stretch his claws

“He usually only last hanging up there for about 30 to 45 seconds but always seems to enjoy himself.”