Amazing Life Video

By Ellie Duncombe


The creative artist found a unique present for her pregnant friend and painted an ultrasound all over her baby bump.

Twins Martina and Valentina Šagovac, 20, from Croatia have been drawing and painting everywhere they can think of for the past seven years, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

And when Valentina’s good friend Dušica got pregnant, she had the idea of painting her bump and take photos as a reminder, using acrylic Valentina said:  “We never studied art, it has always been like a hobby to us and now we try to spend every free  time we have painting.

“For us it’s not about being talented, it is about how much time of the day you spend thinking, learning and practising it.

“The painter that inspires us the most is Vincent Van Gogh, the thing that nobody believed in him as an artist and he did it anyways, and stayed true to himself is really inspiring.

“I started to paint on bodies because the canvas started to become very boring-I use my friends as models, which includes a lot of time convincing them that it’s not a big deal.

“I really started to paint on almost everything that you can paint over like my walls, my clothes, my guitar it turned out to be a mess but creative mess.

“My close friend find out that she’s having a beautiful baby boy and I wanted to make something he can also look in the future and see his mum smiling with joy and holding that ultrasound.”

The twins enjoy painting all sorts of different themes- Valentina has re-created Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’ on her legs, while watching a documentary about him.

She added: “When he is asked ‘why do you paint” he replies ‘to stop thinking’ and that is the same reason why we started painting, just to stop thinking.

“Sometimes you just have to stop thinking, and with Vincent being so underestimated in his time I completely understand why he needed to stop thinking.”