Life Offbeat Video

By Joseph McFarlane


This cringe-worthy video will have you covering your eyes as a man SWALLOWS a sword whole whilst hula-hooping.

Brad Byers, who specialises in ‘Dare Devil’ acts, has been performing with swords since he was only 15 years old.

Now at 60, Brad has become a 73-time world record holder and has gone on to perform in shows, competitions and TV shows such as America’s Got Talent and Late Night With David Letterman.

This video shows Brad, from Pullman in the USA, swallowing a sword whilst hula-hooping in the third time he has ever attempted this trick.

Brad said: “Sword swallowing whilst hula hooping is very uncomfortable.

“However, when I do it correctly I feel no pain. It feels like the entire blade is making small circles on it’s way down. And yes, I can feel the sword blade slide all the way down to my stomach whether I hula hoop at the same time or not. Once fully swallowed, I can feel the point making small circles in my stomach.

“Sword swallowing is dangerous no matter what (and there have been deaths) but it is considered relatively safer to hold the esophagus still when swallowing a sword. Fortunately I have only had sore throats and a few minor scratches. Nothing that has required a visit to the hospital or even the doctor.

“Peoples reactions vary! They often gasp, peek through parted fingers, scream, cheer, and not as often applaud. I think the shock value of my sideshow acts causes them to forget to applaud sometimes.

“I have invented many variations to traditional sideshow acts such as drilling into my sinuses with an electric power drill! Guinness dubbed me ‘The Human Toolbox’ for that record.”