Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane 



A budding muscle man almost had his lights knocked out after choking and farting uncontrollably when a heavy weight landed on his throat.


Deciding to lift weights without a spotter was 19-year-old Dyllan Henning’s first mistake. His second mistake was working out on a full stomach of baked beans.


Recording himself lifting a 225lb weight in his home of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Dyllan could barely lift the weight before it slowly started pushing down on his throat. 


Dyllan’s complexion began turning red as he struggled to free himself while uncontrollably breaking wind. 


Luckily, Dyllan managed to remove the weight from his body before either the metal bar or the farts could choke him out. 


Dyllan said: “I forgot to put the safety bars on the side because they were getting in the way, so when The bar fell on my neck, I panicked because it was literally choking me out.


“I could barley breathe and was hyperventilating at the end of the video. 


“I just had a red mark on my neck kinda like a brush burn from the rough grip.”