Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


As much as this dog loves to play fetch, the game is no fun when her beloved ball gets lost in deep snow.

Recent heavy snowfall in Wolfville, Nova Scotia didn’t stop young Zora from wanting to play outside, but it didn’t really go according to plan.

When Zora’s owner, Catherine Scott, threw the ball for her to retrieve, Zora couldn’t understand where her ball went as it disappeared in the strange white stuff.

Zora searched around in disbelief, returning to the spot where she thought her ball landed.

Catherine, 33, loved witnessing Zora’s first experience of snow, and as much as she enjoyed it, she is yet to master finding her ball in the snow.

“Zora is a nine-week old Australian cattle-dog mix,” said Catherine.

“She had a lot of fun experiencing snow for the first time and likes to play in it and eat it sometimes.

“She loves her ball but doesn’t quite understand how to find it in the snow yet, and never did find it that day.”