Life Video

By Alyce Collins


Inventive parents set up a treasure hunt to reveal to their sons that they were going to Disney World before one of them went through spinal surgery.

Project manager Michael Goff, 43, created the treasure hunt for his sons at their home in St Allendale, Michigan.

The three boys, Luke, 11, Levi, 9, and Legend, 5, had to match up colour coordinated cards and work out a riddle to find a keDisney World y to open a mysterious box containing Disney merchandise.

The family had initially planned on going to Disney a few years down the line, but Luke, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, is due to have scoliosis surgery in February 2020.

The operation will stop Luke from being able to go on rollercoasters for two years, so there was no time like the present to arrange the trip.

Michael said: “After it was decided that Luke was having surgery and wouldn’t be able to ride roller coasters for two years, we solidified our plans and made it a priority.

“We made a riddle on the back of 16 cards. On one side was a sticker of a Disney character and on the other side a word, phrase, or letter.”

“The kids matched the cards using the same sticker on a map which allowed them to read the entire riddle. The riddle ended in the word ‘soap’,” he continued.

“Then they had to find a plastic box which had a key inside. A lock was wrapped around the box. They entered the word ‘soap’ and unlocked the box to retrieve the key.

“They unlocked the treasure chest and inside was a magic band, mouse ears, and other various Disney items.

“It was hard keeping it a secret but the happiness experienced just filled our hearts.”