By Cally Brooks


Have you always wanted that dream makeup station to get ready in the morning? Well, this woman has made one for just £5 after finding old, unused items around the house.

Hannah Clark, 30, decided to start the DIY project when her home-made LED light-up mirror was waking up her boyfriend in the morning.

After trying to find a new space in her house to get ready everyday, Hannah, from Dundee, came up with the inventive idea of turning an old cupboard in the house into her dream makeup station.

Searching the house for items to use, Hannah found some fairylights, grey boxes, a makeup box and a spare chair laying around the house and decided to put them to good use.

The only thing that Hannah had to buy, was a £5 pack of paint brushes.

Hannah, an events producer, said: “when I moved in with my boyfriend, he built me a beautiful Hollywood-style mirror out of products from IKEA.

It ended up being like the sun and because of our shift patterns I was waking him up with the brightness of the mirror so I decided I had to either find myself another space or get rid of it.

We have a cupboard at the top of the stairs which was full of toiletries, towels and suitcases so it was a good opportunity for a clear out.

I took out a few of the shelves that were there and hammered them back down to make a flatter desk surface. I used old black gloss for the shelves and grey paint that we had lying around on all three walls.

It only took me three hours- I would nip back home on my lunch breaks to do it!

The reaction has been amazing. I posted it to my own page and my friends and family loved it”.