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By Tui Benjamin

This is the terrifying moment snake catchers discovered a 16ft-long snake so big it was mistaken for a CROCODILE digesting a wallaby the size of a six-year-old child.

 Pic by Cairns Snake Removals/Caters News

David Walton from Cairns Snake Removals was called out to remove the huge six stone Amethystine python after it slithered into suburbia in White Rock, Cairns, Australia.

The 43-year-old said the reptile – which could not move after eating a fully-grown adult wallaby – was so massive horrified residents mistook it for a saltwater crocodile.

David and his colleague were forced to carry the gargantuan serpent by hand to a nearby creek during the rescue at 2pm on Thursday (April 27) because it would not fit in a bag.

David, who has been removing snakes for the last 16 years, said: “It was huge, and because it had this huge lump the middle-aged couple who called us out thought it was a crocodile at first.

Pic by Cairns Snake Removals/Caters News 

“When I saw it, I thought ‘what are we going to do?’ We had some big bags, but nothing that it would fit inside.

“At first we thought we could put it in the boot of my car, but we realised that wasn’t a good idea.

“In the end we carried it off the property by hand and took it to a nearby creek. It took two of us to even be able to lift it.

“It couldn’t really move – it had eaten a big wallaby, equivalent to the size of a six-year-old child.

“There has never in the history of this country been an incident where a child has been taken by a snake, but I certainly would not be locking my child in a room with one either.

“In 16 years of snake catching I have never seen a snake with a lump that big. Normally when snakes get to four metres or longer wallabies are the prey they would go after, as well as domestic dogs.

Pic by Cairns Snake Removals/Caters News

“They are usually looking for a substantial meal so it is quite common for wallabies to get eaten, but I’ve never seen one as big as that before.”

David said the snake’s diameter was equivalent to the size of a two litre Coca-Cola bottle, with the lump of the wallaby approximately 31 inches long and more than 15 inches wide.

He believed the reptile was 20 to 25 years old and said it had probably always lived close to the residential area but was only spotted after his mammoth meal meant he could not move easily.

Amethystine pythons are common in Queensland but do not usually grow as large as 16ft and David said it was one of the biggest he had ever encountered.

His footage of the monster reptile has racked up more than 53,000 views on Facebook in just six hours.

 Pic by Cairns Snake Removals/Caters News

David said: “The grass the snake was found on, at the back of properties, is home to a large population of wallabies.

“Children play in that particular spot, so we had to move it.

“It was obviously laid there because after eating such a big meal it didn’t have the energy to move – normally they wouldn’t be out in the open like that.

“It would eventually have slithered away into the bush but would have had to move slowly and rest after taking down that prey.

“We had to carry it carefully as if we had disturbed it too much it would have thrown up the wallaby and we didn’t want that happening in the car, plus we didn’t want to deprive this snake of its meal when it must have stalked that animal for some time.

“It was one big length of muscle, and it was not impressed with us picking it up.

“I had the head – which was the size of a man’s hand – and the front of the lump and my colleague had the back end of the lump and the tail.”