Life Video

By Randal Coombs


When Katlyn Gardenhire found herself alone in Denver after her boyfriend’s flights were cancelled, she decided to make the most of her weekend.

Waking up on Saturday morning with a spring in her step, the former TV reporter ordered an Uber to the Red Rocks Trails, intending to spend the day enjoying the great outdoors.

Her driver, Robert, turned out to be a bit of charmer and, as the pair chatted in the car, they hit it off immediately and became friends.

“He was an adorable, gray haired, older gentleman,” explained Katlyn.

“He’s retired from the post office & an Air Force vet; he drives Uber for fun and extra cash; He’s been married once but said it didn’t really count because he believes marriage is supposed to last; he doesn’t have kids, and all of his family live in Texas.”

When they arrived at Red Rocks, Katlyn could’ve just got out of the vehicle and enjoyed the tourist experience alone, but she decided to invite Robert along for the trek.

“I wasn’t really expecting him to accept my invite but he did,” she said. “But he did!”

“Five minutes later we were leaving the information desk with our ‘you are here’ pamphlet and headed [out] on a 1.5 mile hike.”

Robert and Katlyn had an absolute blast, taking lots of pictures and finding out more about each other’s lives, discovering that they even share the same birthday.

“I could tell Robert was having the time of his life, because not only did he pose for every picture I asked him to but he did it with a smile,” Katlyn continued.

“He also took a lot of pictures for me and he was a pretty dang good photographer.”

After the hike, they grabbed some lunch at a roof top bar, with Katlyn paying for lunch because Robert was essentially driving her around “for free.”

The day didn’t end after lunch though.

The pair then headed “downtown” where they explored Union Station, grabbed a coffee, checked out some candy stores, book shops and several gift shops, before finding “the cutest” skating rink.

“I skated alone because Robert said he would break a hip,” said Katlyn.

The pair, who had had an incredible day out, eventually “called it a night after exploring downtown Denver for hours.”

Katlyn said: “We were both pretty worn out.

“We took the bus back to his car and drove the thirty minutes it took to get back to my hotel.

“When we pulled up, we exchanged numbers, Facebook pages, and he told me that I had made his day, as he did mine.” she continued.

“He went on about how much fun he had then looked over and asked me if he could have a hug. Of course I said yes. We got out of the car, hugged, said our goodbyes, and promised to keep in touch and link up the next time I come to town.”

Katlyn summed her awesome experience with the following words, posted on Facebook: “Saturday morning I could’ve easily just gotten in the back of Robert’s car, ignored him and played on my phone but I decided to be kind. I engaged in conversation, asked questions, and got to know someone. Little did I know what the day would unfold but I don’t regret it one bit! Bottom line, you never know who could use your kindness. Be kind, be present, be positive, make a difference”.