Amazing Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane 



A professional tumbler has found a way to go from sitting to standing in one quick and spectacular display with his ‘sitting backflips’.


Dominique Lewis, 27, is a professional tumbler and tricker who also coaches in Marrero, LA.


One of Dominique’s most amazing tricks is his ability to go from a sitting to a standing position in one swift movement.


Dubbed the ‘Dom Bomb’, the athletic trickster begins by sitting on the floor, and with all his power and force, backflips and lands perfectly on his feet.


Dominique said: “For me it isn’t too hard to complete anymore because I’ve been doing it for so long. It doesn’t really hurt unless you don’t land it properly. 


“It took years of practicing explosive backward tumbling techniques to attempt and attain these skills.


“After doing both the sitting handspring and the Dom Bomb for the first time it was quite a great feeling knowing I had accomplished something most others are afraid to try, and something innovative and groundbreaking in the acrobatic community. 


“People always seem to love it and get excited to see it. It’s now the main thing I’m asked to do from others when I’m at a session training. 


“Sometimes things happen easily and other times it may take years to achieve, but the feeling of accomplishing something you work for is a feeling like no other.”