Life Video

By Aliki Kraterou


The terrifying moment a hooded man jumps out of a vehicle and smashes up the windows of a parked car has been caught on camera.

Members of the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs were left petrified when they filmed the attack in broad daylight on Saturday.

The shocking footage shows a hooded-up man going up to a parked van and viciously smashing the window with a hammer.

Moments later, the man can be seen going back to a red Subaru Forester and driving off.

The video was filmed on the 25th of January, by members of the Sheffield Hunt Sabs in Letwell,  South Yorkshire, during a meet with the West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

In the video, the man can be seen parking across the van, quickly getting out, approaching the van, smashing the rear and middle windows with a hammer and going back to his car.

A spokesperson for the Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs said: “Luckily both the driver and passenger in the vehicle were unharmed.”