Nature Video

By Ellie Duncombe


Cows are known for their peaceful nature, and so-called ‘sea cows’ are no different, as they happily allow divers to get close to them.

Anna Sherstoboeva, a diver from Russia, was able to film a dugong in the Abu Dahab Bay of Egypt.

Many divers hope to see a dugong but they are difficult to find due to their decreasing numbers.

Fortunately for those like Anna, 35, who do manage to capture a sea cow, they aren’t afraid of divers and will let humans approach them closely.

“It’s with great luck now to see a dugong in the Red Sea as there aren’t a lot of them left,” Anna said.

“They are absolutely not afraid of divers and let you get really close.

“If it doesn’t like anything, it can swim away really fast just with one move of its tail. They are perfect swimmers.

“Meeting a dugong is a dream for many divers and underwater photographers. This a very rare and unusual animal.”