Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A woman manually lifted and broke a car park barrier just so her friend didn’t have to pay a fee in a bizarre moment caught on a security camera.

A car park security camera captured the moment a pair of friends decided to flex their muscles instead of paying their fee.

The bizarre moment was caught on camera in Tyuman, Russia, which showed a woman exiting her friend’s car and heading over to the barrier blocking their exit.

The strong woman then proceeded to wrestle with the metal barrier until she managed to move it out of the car’s path.

Hopping back into the vehicle, the pair then swiftly drove off into the night, leaving the broken barrier behind them.

Watching the footage back, camera operator Sergey Myatlikov was incredibly surprised at the sight he saw.

Sergey said: “I was shocked by the woman’s strength and tenacity.

“They just left but were then found by the police.”