Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


This cat will do anything to catch a mouse, so much so that she gets fooled by a simple iPhone app.

Ben Garnham, 40, watched in amusement when his mother-in-law’s feline, Tilly, pawed at the iPhone screen as it tantalisingly displayed mice moving about at her home in Bridgend, Wales.

Tilly is a pedigree Maine coon and often likes to have her fur brushed or to watch the birds outside.

Although she is good-natured, Ben feels that the cat can be very fussy and boring, so when she livened up after seeing mice on a phone screen, he was amazed.

“The cat is usually really stuck up, she’s a Maine coon pedigree and doesn’t she know it,” he said.

“She has a nice nature and has never bitten or scratched anyone.

“We all thought it was hilarious when we watched her because she’s usually pretty boring. Her favourite pastime is sleep.”