Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This dog owner can’t eat a snack without her big bulldog longingly looking at the food and dribbling ferociously.

Amanda Quick was trying to enjoy her snack at home in Austin, Texas on January 2 but her pup, Knuckles, had other ideas.

Amanda was eating her biscuit but as the camera pans over her left shoulder, Knuckles is shown to be sitting next to her with copious amounts of drool hanging from his jaw.

With a glazed expression over his droopy eyes, Knuckles only had one thing on his mind and it was the treat that Amanda was holding.

Amanda said: “​Knuckles drools for lots of reasons, but the sight or smell of food always gets him.

“​He got his dinner at the same time but scarfed it down and came to watch me eat mine.

“I know it grosses people out, but I live with him and it’s our norm and I find it endearing.”