Offbeat Video

By Lucy Harvey


A free-diver has attempted to set the world record for the longest underwater yoga pose.

These stunning images show Marina Kazankova, 38, as she tries to hold the bridge pose for over three minutes with a weighted belt strapped to her.

Marina undertook the challenge at the world’s deepest swimming pool, Y-40, in Padua Italy just before Christmas.

The brave free diver is no stranger to daring do with three previous attempts under her belt.

While the attempt is currently being reviewed by Guinness Book of World Records, Marina claims she held the bridge position for 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

She said: “Once I was in the water I started to feel that my heart rate was too high and strong.

“My father and daughter were both at the pool supporting me.

“I tried to calm myself as much as I could before the dive.

“I took one last huge breath and then put the weight pack on and fell down into the depths.

“I fell down slightly at an angle so needed to swim into the correct position.

“I spent 22 seconds getting into position and then I started a journey inside myself.

“My hips, legs, back, diaframma, arms and hands were in tension, consuming oxygen.

“I understand that all the people who came to watch me, my friends and my students were there to support me.

“To help me to inspire people to live their lives, to follow their dreams, to have courage to be happy.

“Towards the end my mind started to become foggy, it was time to come up.

“I took the belt off and flew to the surface and took my first tasty breath of fresh air.”