Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


Cats have a bit of an undeserved reputation for occasionally being aloof with their owners.

But this two-month-old kitten is definitely bucking the trend.

Video, filmed earlier this month (January 2020), by owner Haley Wells in Pennsylvania, USA, shows little Winnie climbing into the shower with Haley, because he misses her.

The clip goes onto show Winnie sitting in the corner of the shower, waiting for his owner to finish, in what must be one of the cutest TikTok stories in existence.

Haley said: “He does not like to be alone and he will follow me around the house constantly.

“He also sits on my shoulder when I do my make-up, even though I keep him in the room with me, because he does not want to be far apart.”

“It is a regular occurrence but it is getting better,” she continued.

“He is kept in his own room at night and I believe this is helping him get better”.