Amazing Video

By Jessica Testa



An Australian pro surfer escaped serious injury after a dangerous wipeout at Fitzroy Beach in New Zealand.


Full-time content creator and filmmaker Dan Scott, 28, caught the wipeout from pro surfer Chippa Wilson, 32, last year. 


While catching a wave that was roughly four feet high, Chippa attempted a jump when he failed to stick the landing and tumbled headfirst under the crashing waves.


Dan says: “He actually injured his back the first day of shooting in New Zealand at a different location, to the point where he was having trouble walking.”


Luckily, he emerged uninjured this time around.


“The weather was overcast, raining on and off.”


“Fortunately enough he didn’t injure himself again, though the injury to his back would have played a role into why he didn’t land the trick.”