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Footage of an adorable dwarf horse playing with a leaf blower has captured the Internet’s heart.


Shammy, who was born with severe health problems and was not expected to live more than year, is about to turn six, and is living a wonderful life on Shamrock Acres Farm with his owner Michael Puryear.


The cute, fluffy animal has his own well-followed Facebook page and is the star of a children’s book called Shammy The Miniature Horse.


Since 2018, he has also had a fellow small friend called Skippy and the pair get along perfectly.


This particular video, filmed by Michael earlier this month (January 2020) shows the adorable Shammy playing relentlessly with a leaf blower, something Michael says is one of her favourite things to do.


“He will play with the blower as long I have it out,” he said. 


“Sometimes, it’s hard to get work done as he always wants to play, but I love it.


“At the end of the video, you will see when I sit the blower down, he comes over and paws at it for me to put it in his face”.