Life Video Viral

By Randal Coombs and Joe McFarlane


A tree cutter accidentally began planting more trunks instead of chainsawing them down in a viral video filmed on the job.

Robert Haworth, 32, owns and operates his own small tree cutting business in which he removes unwanted and dead trees.

Heading out on a job on a campground near Terre Haute, Indiana, on January 7th, Robert scaled a large 80 Foot poplar tree that was causing problems by growing against the side of cabins.

Robert began cutting the trunk down to size with his chainsaw, but as the top third of the tree began to fall, it plummeted to the ground and hilariously landed upright in the soil, causing Robert and the client a whole lot of trouble to remove it.

Robert said: “I have never pieced out a trunk that large. I usually just drop the whole trunk, or cut it into smaller pieces, but this was an 80’ tree and I wanted it down in as few pieces as possible.

“I thought the principle was to cut the piece 1/3 the size of the tree. I was wrong.

“I cut a piece about 18-20’ long, it barely flipped over the centre, and then spiked into the ground.

“I sent the video to my facebook group to ask advice on how to flip the logs over centre and flat.  They were more than happy to give the proper advice.

“I went back out within a week and removed another similar dying tree and successfully flipped five pieces over centre.

“I do not think that this a very common occurrence. I was rather embarrassed when it happened.  That is not how it is supposed to be done. It was a good learning experience and rather entertaining.”