gender reveal

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment an expectant couple bring a box full of balloons crashing down on to their heads at their own gender reveal.

High school sweethearts Jose and Belinda were surrounded by friends and family in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on April 23 as they anxious waited to discover whether their first child together would be a boy or girl.

Sat impatiently under a giant black and white polka dot box, the couple of eight years can’t wait to yank the yellow ribbon keeping the colour of the balloons inside a mystery.

As soon as their countdown finishes, Jose and Belinda pull so strongly on the tie that the container tumbles from the ceiling on to their heads leaving everyone watching in fits of laughter.

Samantha Gonzalez, who filmed the unsuccessful reveal, said: “Fortunately they both found it funny.

“Jose took most the hit as he said it hurt quite a bit.

“His brother Gigio had hung the box up but obviously hadn’t secured it properly.”

After the couple had recovered from their cardboard collision, they managed to open the box and found out they are expecting a baby girl.

Samantha said: “I thought it was going to be a boy myself but other people thought it would be a girl.

“Because of the box falling, they thought it was a joke when they found out it was a girl.

“But then somebody confirm it really is going to be a girl and they are really excited.”