Animals Video


By Kerry Elsworth and Chris Jaffray


This hilarious footage shows two dogs squishing their faces against glass objects – with adorable results.

Doting owner Stephanie Zubor said her two Miniature American Shepherds are so intelligent she trained them to press their faces against glass in just 15 minutes.

And a video of the pair, Zero and Boo, performing the trick on a pan lid ended up going viral with thousands watching the pooches in action.

Now, the clever pets have mastered the art of the teeth-bearing ‘smush’ with other objects, from drinking glasses to mason jars.

Dog trainer Stephanie, 36, from Texas, said: “I put the pan lid in front of Boo, then I rewarded her for keeping her lip on it so she knew to keep it there.

“I first tried the trick last year, it took about 15 minutes to teach Boo and then Zero started doing it too.

“I thought it was great to see the reaction it got.

“My dogs are really funny to me but I didn’t think they would be funny to other people too.”