Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This man was filmed by his laughing daughter as he shovelled a path through the snow out of his front door, only to plunge head first into the white stuff.

Jessica Strickland, 29, watched with amusement as her dad attempted to carve a path through the snow, following a major blizzard in Newfoundland, Canada.

Melvin, 60, was initially able to slide a section of the door upwards so he could sneak through the wall of snow to take his dogs for a walk, but exiting the house didn’t go according to plan.

Unfortunately, the bottom of the door gave way, causing poor Melvin to tumble through the frame and into the snow.

Jessica said: “Dad was trying to get the three dogs out for a pee on the night of the storm.

“We had 82 centimetres of snow, and a piece of the door broke when he tried to get out and he fell.”

“His wife took both hands and pulled him up. When he got up, he dug the remainders of the snow with his hands,” she continued.