Life Video

By Jessica Testa



This mum has shared the hilarious moment her daughter slams headfirst into the corner of the room with a blanket on her head.


Co-owner of the Jackson Wink MMA training facility Heather Winkeljohn, 48, reminisced on one of her daughter Teagan’s cutest moments just before her 10th birthday.  


Teagan – who was aged 18 to 20 months at the time the video was filmed – threw the blanket on her head and tried to walk around before quickly changing directions.


She fell backwards as she hit the wall and let out a small cry, but Heather says she did not hurt herself.


Heather said Teagan is still a funny and active girl now that she’s older. 


“We thought she was so funny trying to walk with a blanket on her head and we were curious to see what she was up to with it.


“We were caught off guard when she changed directions and walked into the wall.


“I was concerned but knew she was ok as soon as she got up and stopped crying shortly after impact.”