Amazing Video

By Neo Bye and Joe McFarlane


A group of fun-loving adrenaline seekers crafted an 80 metre zip-line across a watery canyon in order to capture some truly hair-raising footage.

The DD Squad have crafted quite the reputation for thinking outside of the box when it comes to over-the-top stunts and theatrics.

The latest notch in their long-line of heart-racing stunts required the Slovenian group to create a Y zip-line across an 80-metre canyon.

Zooming along the wire, the Y design caused the daredevils to be flung through the air and into lake Trboje.

Deciding to take the stunt to whole new heights, literally, the group decided to throw a ladder into the mix.

DD Squad manager Domen Rozman said: “It took four whole days for the zip-line to be set up.

“The Y Zipline is just the latest in a long line of ingenious ideas that these daredevils have brought to life.”