Life Nature Video

By Alyce Collins


This woman refused to let 24 hours of relentless snowfall stop her from getting in and out of her home, so she spent four hours digging a trench through the wall of white stuff.

Lori Tobin, from St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada was shocked when she stepped outside on January 18, to be greeted by nearly a metre of snow blocking her way.

The snow started falling on January 17, early in the morning, and it didn’t stop until the following day.

Lori spent four hours shovelling the snow in order to create a path to get in and out of her home.

After the trench was dug, her children were able to head outside and they used the steeply mounted snow as the perfect slope to sledge down.

Lori said: “The snow started Friday at about six thirty am and ended Saturday, at around the same time.

“We had 91 centimetres of snow and I recorded the video on Saturday night.

“The video shows the snow I had to shovel to get to the front door,” she continued.

“It took me about four hours to shovel, and we had about another 20 centimetres on Sunday.”