Life Nature Video

By Jessica Testa


Witness the terrifying moment hail stones as large as golf balls fell from the sky and caused major damage to cars, trees and even a roof.

Musician artist Pete Peters, 60, from Canberra, Australia, watched as the sky began to turn black and the wind grew stronger.

Pete, his friend and his daughter had to quickly escape from the deck as the storm began to tear the roof apart.

Although he was amazed by the power of the storm, Pete was also worried about what other damage could be unfolding, and was concerned for the people and animals caught in the ferocious downpour.

The storm only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was enough to leave Pete’s deck roof completely smashed, his car dented, his spa destroyed, his house sills and shed damaged and the surrounding trees and shrubs stripped bare.

He said: “I was shocked to see the size of the hail and concerned for people and animals who might have been unable to get undercover.

“Approximately 3 minutes before it hit, we heard a strange roar in the distance which became louder.”

“That was the most frightening aspect, it sounded like a catastrophic event was imminent,” he continued.

“I felt safe during the storm but had to escape indoors when the roof was destroyed.

“My friend was hit and suffered a nasty bruise to his arm.”