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By Jack Mobley


Snow has covered Newfoundland leaving cars completely blanketed and streets almost impassable.

Kyle Kendall captured some of the extreme weather after the storm hit Newfoundland early morning on January 17.

The 76cm deep snow blocked doors and garages and left cars with just the sunroofs barely showing.

Kyle managed to have some fun once the storm had passed by jumping into the deep snow.

Newfoundland was placed in a state of emergency as residents had to dig out of their homes and make pathways for their vehicles.

Kyle said: “The entire city has been placed under a State of Emergency, requiring all vehicles, even snow plows to stay off the roads until the storm had stopped.

“The snow entirely buried the three cars in the driveway, leaving only the roofs visible.

“The storm was accurately forecasted, however, we never expected it would be quite as extreme as it was.

“I am both shocked and amazed at the disaster that this storm has created, yet how many people went out of their way to help others in need.”