Animals Offbeat

By Lucy Harvey


These photographers are using chickens to show people what true love really looks like.

They were taken as part of a new book being released that aims to show people the true meaning of diverse love.

Authors Moreno Monti, 55, and Matteo Tranchellini, 52, both based in Milan, Italy, noticed when attending an international bird show, that chickens naturally pair together without the worry of mainstream attitude and taboos.

This means that the chickens will have same sex, different age or mixed national relationships, and once they pick their partner they stay together for life.

With this heart-melting picture book ‘Chicken in Love’ the authors are aiming to show the world this is what true love is meant to be and it’s taking chickens to teach us exactly what love is.

Matteo said: “We were attending an international bird show to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful chickens and noticed that these animals began to naturally pair up regardless of sex, breed, age or nationality.

“This free and easy attitude reminded us of the diversity that exists today in human couples, who sometimes find it difficult or impossible to manifest their sentiments because of cultural attitudes and taboos.

“We wanted to share this sentiment with the world, because it really does show love in its truest form.”