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By Charlotte Nisbet


An adorable looking dog with a crooked nose has finally found his forever home after three years due to his bizarre features.

Pooch Jude, is perfectly healthy despite his wonky nose – but had spent a vast amount of time at a rescue facility as he kept getting overlooked due to his looks.

Jennifer Moore, 34, a waitress and partner Joseph Carver, 36, a bartender, were first called up to help foster him in August 2019 before Hurricane Dorian hit.

Yet he’s become a local celebrity as his distinctive look makes him stand out from the crowd.

Jennifer said: “We’ve no idea why Jude looks the way he does, but his nose doesn’t seem to affect him negatively at all – he’s perfectly healthy.

“We received a tip off last year as Hurricane Dorian approached, that a large rescue centre was needing fosterers for their dogs.

“My fiance was working on that ranch so he picked up Jude that day and pretty soon we figured it was meant to be.

“The hurricane passed but we just couldn’t send him back – he’d felt freedom and sleeping in a bed.

“So we decided to adopt.”

Whilst two year old Jude’s bark and features point to him being a hound mix, his new owners aren’t 100 per cent sure of his breed.

Yet he’s become a local celebrity as his distinctive look makes him stand out from the crowd.

Jennifer added: “Every time we are out and about people point out his crooked nose.

“It’s a running joke with all of our friends that he always looks so confused.

“He was definitely overlooked because of his nose, which is weird because we think it’s the most adorable thing about his look.

“I was told that Big Dog Ranch Rescue, where we got him, took him all over the country to try and get adopted.

“But no one was interested and he stayed at Big Dog for over two years till we came along.

“Our other two dogs are rescues – Lyric, three, a Catahoula Leopard Dog and Banjo, four, a Jack Russel who was dumped in a parking lot.

“Adopting a dog is so important because it means saving their life.

“If we bought all designer dogs and helped the puppy mills to thrive, all of the abandoned, irresponsibly or accidentally bred, abused or just maybe even lost dogs would be left homeless.

“It isn’t their fault, they deserve a good life too.

“The more people adopt, the less people will be able to breed for profit due to lack of demand.

“But everyone loves Jude – he’s so unique looking.”