Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


A cute chihuahua has found an amusing way to use just two of her four legs to get around, as she walks with her back legs in the air.

Adorable Sookie always makes use of her front legs when getting off the sofa or walking to her food bowl.

Sabra Contreras loves watching the eight-year-old pup try and hold the position until she reaches where she is going.

Sookie has even managed to hold her back legs in the air for an impressive 20 seconds.

Sabra said: “She’s known by Sookie but her real name is Sadie.

“She does this every time she steps down a step or jumps off a couch.

“She can walk like this until she gets where she wants, she once held it for 20 seconds. Usually her destination is her food bowl or her bed”

“We don’t know the reason why she does it. She’s completely healthy but we think it’s because she weighs so little and her head is heavier than the rest of her body,” she continued.