Animals Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa



An adorable cat has been caught on camera falling off a bed after getting into a tangle with a paper bag.

The comical footage, filmed by grad student Jana MacInnis, 38, at her home in Washington, USA, shows two-year-old kitty Odin wildly shaking his head in an attempt to escape the bag.

Unfortunately, the effort ended in vain for Odin as he fell backwards off the bed, prompting giggles from his owner.

The good news was that the unlucky feline managed to land on his feet, and eventually pulled the bag off his head without hurting himself.

According to Jana, Odin has previous when it comes to being clumsy, which is one of the reasons he makes her ‘smile every day’.

“Odin loves bags (especially paper bags) and he just stuck his head in there all on his own,” she said.

“I laughed, and then immediately sent the video to my friends.

“He is my emotional support animal and he helps immensely with my anxiety”.