Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


Many dogs spend their time playing outside but not this one; he’d much prefer to stay in and watch his favourite film, A Dog’s Way Home.

As soon as Maria Palumbo, 46, puts on Kensei’s favourite film, the eight-month-old akita is immediately entranced and will happily sit and watch the movie.

The events manager from Carle Place, New York, was amazed when the pup started to whine during the sad scenes and wag his tail gleefully during the happier parts.

A Dog’s Way Home is certainly Kensei’s favourite film, and he shows no sign of getting bored of it, as Maria added that he will gladly watch it over again.

“Akita is eight months old and he regularly pays attention to the television,” Maria said.

“This is his favourite movie and he will watch it over and over.“It was unbelievable because he would cry at all the sad parts, stand when the scenes were of concern and wagged his tail when the happy moments were on.”