Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An eager dachshund clearly didn’t get the memo, as instead of relaxing indoors, the little doggo prefers chasing sheep around the farm.

Archie isn’t your regular mini purebred dachshund, as the nine-month-old doggo loves nothing more than herding sheep on his owner’s farm in Molong, NSW.

Joining the other hard-working sheep dogs, Archie’s owner, Ebony Hewitt, 18, noticed the little pooch was just as eager run around and get the sheep into their pens.

Ebony said: “Archie would always come mustering with us and get over excited like he wanted a turn at working the sheep, so I let him out to have a run around and that’s when we discovered he was actually useful!

“I think he definitely learnt how to do sheep work by watching the other sheep dogs. He used to just sit up in the passengers seat in the buggy watching and would get really excited making little sounds until we would let him out for a whirl. He is such a natural!

“The other working dogs actually don’t mind Archie out there working with them, they probably find it as amusing as we do. The sheep also react to Archie as they would react to the large working dogs.

“Archie would be my pick of working dogs if I had to choose. He is small and has very fast little legs which means he can get around the sheep with ease and speed. There is no stopping this little sausage dog.

“After a hard days work Archie is always very exhausted as his little legs have to work twice as much as the other dogs, so he loves to come inside, plonk himself on the couch and have a big sleep dreaming of chasing sheep.”