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By Neo Bye


Unlocking your screen with your fingerprint is great, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

That’s why this man decided to use his dog’s nose to get into his phone.

Software engineer Kumar Lavanya, 29, from Bangalore, India, found out that dog noses each have a specific ID, just like a human’s fingerprint.

Kumar set his dog’s nose print up on his phone, a OnePlus 6T, in addition to his own fingerprint and now he can use both to open his phone.

After recording how he accesses his phone using Stan’s nose, Kumar received many positive reactions from people who were shocked that it even works.

Kumar said: “I read online that dogs have unique nose prints just like humans have fingerprints, so I decided to give it a go and set it up on my phone.

“I set it up in the same way a human would set up their fingerprint on a phone. I did it while he was sleeping though since he won’t let me do it while he’s up.

“I have my own fingerprint as well as Stan’s nose-print to unlock my phone, so i use either.”