Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane 



This fun-loving chicken lives an adrenaline-fuelled life, partaking in a variety of extreme sports. 


From kayaking down the River Hamble and motorbiking, to soaking up some Sun at the beach, there is very little Scrumper The Adventure Chicken won’t try. 


Scrumper’s owner Eryk Rose, 30, loves nothing more than a day out around his home town, Fareham, with his favourite chicken.


Eryk has taken the pet on days out to the beach where she tight-rope walked on string and got buried in the sand; he’s also taken her on leisurely kayaking trips and the daredevil chicken has even bravely perched on Eryk’s father’s shoulder while he drove around on a motorbike. 


Eryk said: “Scrumper came about after my friend Chris and I had been looking at odd chicken breeds during our lunch break. 


“We then found out you could buy hatching eggs on Ebay. Chris dared me to buy some, so bought six for £12. 


“I bought an incubator and then popped the eggs in, and about 28 days later on December 8th 2018, Scrumper hatched.” 


And it appears Scrumper’s lust for life comes from her inherent curiosity.


Eryk said: “Scrumper is a very curious creature. If there is an activity going on she likes to investigate and get involved. 


“It was quite strange when I had the Roomba on once and I came into the room to find her quite happily riding it around.


“I had no idea that Chickens could have such intelligence and personality. 


“I feel very blessed to have an animal that trusts me enough to stick with me in situations that they’d not normally end up in.


“A lot of people do a double take when they see Scrumper on my shoulder or out on the water, often confusing her for a Seagull or an Owl. 


“Generally reactions are very positive and people come away thinking Chickens aren’t so dumb after all.


“Scrumper is a very much beloved member of the family. I never could have imagined that of all creatures, a Chicken would make such an interesting pet.”