Offbeat Video

By Alyce Collins


Frozen temperatures and heavy snow don’t have to spoil the fun, so this woman decided to throw a pot of boiling hot noodles into the cold air to see what would happen.

Abby Gagne, from Alberta, Canada, had seen people freezing bowls of noodles in the past and wanted to test it out for herself.

There seemed no better way to give it a go than to throw the noodles into the elements as Alberta was hit by extreme weather.

As they fell, the noodles created a large, dramatic cloud of steam around them.

Abby wanted the broth to add some colour to the snow and the noodles to freeze in mid-air.

She said: “The idea came to me a couple of days before when I saw people freezing bowls of noodles.

“We were sitting around the -20 mark, for a week straight it was below -40, perfect for these experiments.

“I wanted the broth to turn into colourful snow and the noodles to freeze solid in mid-air.”