Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


A small sable was saved from being used for his fur and, after being rejected by a zoo, has become a family pet.

Buddy the sable was rescued from a fur farm in Moscow, Russia, when he was just two months old.

Natalia Khorosheva took Buddy to a zoo psychologist so he could be assessed for a reintroduction program, but he was deemed too high risk and couldn’t be accepted.

From then on, Buddy stayed with Natalia as her pet. In the house, the curtains have become a great source of enjoyment as Buddy enjoys climbing up them before launching himself down from the top.

“Buddy is a sable, a type of marten usually used for fur industry,” Natalia said.

“He should have been sent on a reintroduction program but the zoo psychologists didn’t accept him after the assessment.

“Buddy doesn’t have a fear of humans and therefore he had a high risk of coming out to play with hunters. So, he stayed with the family as a pet.

“Usually farmed sables go back into the wild easily, but Buddy was an exception and his reintroduction period would take longer than the six month programme.”