Amazing Video

By Randal Coombs

This creative maestro uses resin to produce art that gives the impression of being lifted straight from the shoreline.

Rivka Wilkins has been using epoxy resin in her work for three years at home in Sandy, Utah.

Rivka deploys different colours to portray the depths of the ocean, then uses a piercing white to add the sea foam.

She utilises a hot-air gun to blow and spread around the colours to provide an organic feel to her pieces.

The artworks have been used as clocks, tables, chopping boards and generally stunning sea works.

Rivka said: “I have always done art in some form or another, usually I rotate through different kinds of art, but so far I keep coming back to resin.

“White is generally a heavier pigment so when you get a very heavy white and blow it over a lighter pigment it sinks and creates the cells.

“Nature is my main inspiration, of course, but I also like observing other art forms.”