Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


An adorable little boy who ‘rescued’ a crayfish has led to his mum telling a white lie for THREE YEARS.

Little Abel Zuelk, now six, from Michigan, US couldn’t bear to think of animals being eaten so took it upon himself to rescue a crayfish from a tank inside a Chinese restaurant in his home town.

Yet the cute little tot – then only three – didn’t realise the sea creature was already dead and snuck the shellfish into his pocket.

Now a staggering three years on, his mum Kelly Zuelk, 34, a teacher, has kept the pretence of a living crustacean up – and the budding animal conservationist has even expanded on getting the original crawfish, Fred – a wife.

Kelly, mum to Abel and his older brother Jack, 10, said: “Both of my boys have always adored animals but Abel seems to have a connection with them.

“He mentioned to me at the time about how he didn’t want to eat them but it was only when I was strapping him in to his car seat, that I heard the crunch in his coat pocket and realised what he’d done.

“He was only three, so I couldn’t bring myself to tell him the crayfish was already dead, he was so convinced they were alive.

“I decided to put them into the freezer so we could keep the pretence up, but every morning he was going in to say hi and saying goodnight before bed.

“He just assumed they were living in there, especially after I got a bed with a duvet for him.

“He even became determined that Fred – what he’d named the crayfish – needed a wife and so we have to make a return trip to the restaurant to rescue Fredwina – Fred’s bride to be.

“I got a bit carried away – over the years I’ve bought the lobsters a bed and put little knitted hats on them, and the pair live on in the freezer.

“Abel seemed to cotton on after about the first six months, as we had the ‘death’ talk but we still can’t seem to say goodbye to them.

“Abel loves animals – he has chickens that wait to greet him every day.

“Over the summer he had two ducklings that imprinted on him, following him around like he was their mum, even swimming with him and crying out when they lost sight of him.

“I posted the story of the crayfish on Facebook, and I was surprised at the reaction it got.

“It started off as something silly but people seem to love it!”