Nature Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


From frost flowers to brinicles, ice is renowned in the natural world for its bizarre properties, but have you seen it bend before?

Amazing footage, filmed in Oregon, USA on January 16, shows a woman breaking the ice on her pool’s surface only to press it upwards from below, revealing that it stretches like rubber.

The strange phenomenon was filmed by Chance Costanzo and it turns out it might be extremely rare.

Chance said: “I have definitely never seen anything like this, and I don’t think any of the 900,000 people that liked it on TikTok have seen anything like it either.

“Me and my friend freaked out when we found the ice like this.”

It is not known why the ice became so flexible, but Chance thinks it might be down to the chemicals in her pool interacting with the frozen surface.

“I believe the ice could do this because of the chlorine in the pool, and it was at a specific temperature,” she suggested.

“But I’m not sure myself”.