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By Taniya Dutta


This adorable kitty has a genetic condition that means she has two-coloured eyes.

Olive, an Oriental cross breed has a mix of free-blue hue of eyes that gives her a majestic look.

Her owner, Kim shares videos of the moggy to social media showing its colourful eyes.

Known as Sectoral Heterochromia iridis, the condition is passed down through genes and usually affects white cats as it is connected to low melanin levels.

Kim, 50, from Derby, said she bought the kitten to complete the family of her four cats but wasn’t aware of her eye colour as Olive was then just a baby.

As she grew up, her eye colours started changing surprising everyone with her unique features.

Kim said,” I sad the kittens on a pets sale site. I was looking for another kitty to join the family to make it 4 I wanted a lively kitten to fit in with my others.

“I didn’t chose her for her eyes. It was quite dark and when I picked her the lady lifted her in to the light and said she may have odd looking eyes. I didn’t know how her eyes would turn out.”

Olive’s gorgeous eyes and perfect white coats earned her a hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram who often compliment her for “unique” eyes.