Nature Video

By Jessica Testa


This is the amusing moment a man feeding a kookaburra had a lucky escape when the hungry bird tried to eat his finger.

Vlad Voda, 22, said he was trying to remove a bit of steak that had become stuck in the bird’s beak, when the peckish kookaburra took hold of his finger.

The zoo worker from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, explained that raw meat left on birds’ beaks can cause bacteria to build up and sometimes make them go rotten.

Vlad said this male kookaburra, named Marcelino, and his female companion Gelsie – who was not shown in this video –  have visited his home every December to January for three years.

He said: “I sort of saw it coming, but I had to get the bit of meat off his beak.

“He was very gentle and released my finger as soon as he realised it was not food.”

“He’s never tried to bite me before and I even pet him sometimes,” he continued.

“It was not a sign of aggression from the bird’s side, just a simple mistake”.