Offbeat Video

By Leah Fox


A skilful baker has confused people online after posting a picture of a mac and cheese dish – that’s actually made of CAKE!

Stephanie Brimley, 39, crafted a series of American-style Sunday dinner dishes in cake form – including a mouth-watering family-sized mac and cheese, racks of BBQ ribs, and a bowl of green peas.

The mind-blowing creations, which took a whopping eight hours to bake and decorate, baffled her pals as they initially thought it was real savoury food.

Stephanie has also tricked her fans with other incredible realistic cakes – making everything from sandwiches and sushi to pizza and pancakes – but admits she just makes them just for fun, not for paying customers.

Pastry chef Stephanie, from Glendale, Arizona, said: “Every year I make a food illusion cake to really test my skills.

“I love making all of the little details from fondant, even though it takes a while.

“I like the way the cakes turn out because they’re very realistic.

“I posted the pictures online last week and at first I just mentioned that it was my Sunday dinner.

“Everyone was commenting ‘wow it looks nice’ – but then I wrote in the comments that they were actually made of cake and fondant.

“They couldn’t believe they were all cakes!”

Stephanie has revealed some of the painstaking techniques she used to make the trio of tasty treats.

It took her two hours to cut out the macaroni noodles from fondant icing, handcrafting each piece with a toothpick.

To give the macaroni a glossy and cheesy sheen, Stephanie glazed the fondant using orange and yellow candy melts.

The scorched bits around the edges of the red fondant ‘oven dish’ were made of meringue and blow torched to give a super realistic effect.

The peas were also all hand rolled from fondant, taking one hour, and the ribs were brushed with dark brown food colouring to make it look like BBQ sauce.

Stephanie added: “With every new food illusion cake I make, I try and beat the last one.

“I’m planning to make a lasagne cake next, where I’m going to try and create a 3D illusion with stringy cheese being pulled up from a casserole dish made of cake.

“I only really make the cakes to post online because I enjoy the whole making process, I get some really positive feedback on it.

“My favourite thing about it is shocking people, who believe it’s real!”