Life Video

By Joe McFarlane



A fitness coach has created his own hilarious game in which he guesses the sound of his fart before passing wind in order to see if he can match it.


Whenever fitness coach Austin Hendrickson, 25, feels the need to pass wind, he decides to see if he can guess what it will sound like in advance. 


Recording himself in his home in Sacramento, CA, Austin makes a farting noise at the camera using his mouth, and then moments later passes wind to see if the sounds match.


Austin said: “I am on a quest to create the perfect replication of a fart by making the fart noise with my mouth, and then trying to match the exact sound with an actual fart.


“I have always been a massive farter. Being six foot, eight inches tall and eating 5000 calories or more every day, I’ve always got farts to blow!”


But how close does Austin get with his guesses?


Austin said: “I’ve been pretty close a few times, but not perfect! That is the ultimate goal. 


“As someone who farts probably at least 50 times a day, I’ve had lots of time knowing what sounds my farts make. I generally know what it will sound like depending on the environment and time of day!”